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An After School Satan Club could be coming to your kid’s elementary school

Washington Post July 30, 2016 

It’s a hot summer night, and leaders of the Satanic Temple have gathered in the crimson­-walled living room of a Victorian manse in this city renowned for its witch trials in the 17th century. They’re watching a sepia-toned video, in which children dance around a maypole, a spider crawls across a clown’s face and eerie, ambient chanting gives way to a backward, demonic voice-over. The group chuckles with approval.

They’re here plotting to bring their wisdom to the nation’s public elementary school children. They point out that Christian evangelical groups already have infiltrated the lives of America’s children through after-school religious programming in public schools, and they appear determined to give young students a choice: Jesus or Satan.

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After School Satan Club proposal spurs debate on religious activity in public schools

Washington Post August 4, 2016

The Satanic Temple’s proposal to start After School Satan Clubs in schools across the country already has sparked conflict with at least one school district and has led a legal group to offer free assistance in fighting the emergence of the clubs.

Although the temple has yet to start a club, its move this week to establish them in elementary schools has begun to provoke a debate about the role of religious activity in public schools — which is exactly what the group was hoping to do.

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‘After School Satan’ Clubs Launch in Elementary Schools Across U.S.

People Magazine August 03, 2016

“Why not sign kids up for the After School Satan Club?” says the cofounder of The Satanic Temple, a group that is taking on Evangelical Good News clubs by renting school space in nine states this month to offer an alternative to after-school religious programming.

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What’s the Deal With the After-School Satan Club Movement?

Education Week October 21, 2016

[J]ust hearing that such a club has been proposed has been enough to generate controversy in many communities. The group seeks to set up these clubs in schools that have Good News Clubs, which are associated with evangelical Christians. So far the group has applied to set up shop in nine schools, but only one of their applications has been approved. It’s a request for establishing a Satan Club at Sacramento Elementary School in Portland. That club is expected to start meeting next month.

A 2001 U.S. Supreme Court ruling paved the way for the inclusion of such clubs in public schools. The High Court ruled that when a school allows any group, secular or religious, to use school property after school it must allow all groups to have the same access.

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After-School Satan Club draws the devout and the curious to Tacoma school

The News Tribune December 14, 2016

While a handful of Tacoma Catholics prayed on a nearby street corner, members of the Satanic Temple of Seattle arrived Wednesday afternoon at Point Defiance Elementary School in Tacoma to debut the state’s first After-School Satan Club for kids.

Temple leader Lilith Starr dubbed the premier meeting — an after-school open house for parents and students — a success.

 “I was worried people might be scared away,” she said, noting the protests and community discussions that have taken place in Tacoma since the club was announced in August.

She said Wednesday’s event drew 11 adults and nine kids. Parents who attended the meeting reported similar numbers.

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‘After School Satan’ club starts in Mormon country — thanks to Christian groups

Raw Story January 13, 2017

Christian evangelicals only have themselves to blame for a new After School Satan club that has popped up at Vista Elementary School in Taylorsville, Utah.

 According to the Salt Lake Tribue, the club was approved after other Christian based clubs sprung up at the school, Patheos explained.

“If you are going to invite religion into schools you have to invite everybody,” said Chalice Blythe of the Utah chapter head for The Satanic Temple. “You can’t just say one is good and the other is bad.”

The school was forced to send home a letter to parents explaining that there was nothing they could do about the club and that it was legal and the school had no “discretion on this issue.”

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L.A.’s After School Satan Club Is Coming for Your Children

Los Angeles Magazine August 12, 2016

The trailer for the Satanic Temple’s proposed after-school club practically doubles as a two-minute horror movie: there are clowns and spiders, creepy bronze statues, and a cameo from Baphomet himself, the demonic goat that’s become a kind of mascot for Satanists. It makes sense then, that when the Satanic Temple announced plans to launch one of its nationwide after-school programs at Chase Elementary School in Panorama City, it didn’t exactly go over so well.

“We would be completely shocked if they said, ‘Sure, come on in,’” says Satanic Temple’s L.A. chapter head Ali Kellog — but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still trying. She sent a letter to L.A.U.S.D. superintendent Michelle King earlier this month requesting to use school facilities after hours, promote the club at back to school nights, and distribute permission slips to all the kids’ parents. (King’s office didn’t respond to our request for comment).

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